Best Practices and audiovisual material of the final Live_For joint meeting

Best practice

This document presents the best practices that are expected to be followed in cases when application of the EIO directive is applied. Besides the main instruction about application the document provide reasonable introduction to the main knowledge from relevant fields such as digital forensic, cross-border evidences collection from both aspects: technical and legal. This approach is understood by contacted experts to be most useful for the future professional in the respective organizations like justice, LEAs etc. in cases when EIO Directive will be applied.

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Resume of the final Live_For joint meeting

The last LIVE_FOR event on the “European Investigation Order (EIO) and digital forensic analysis” took place on December 18, 2018 in the city of Barcelona.

It had seven speakers from five different countries, which explained how to improve the implementation and handling of European Investigation Orders. Those explanations were made from different views: EUROPOL international Law Enforcement, Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT), Judges, Prosecutors and judicial processes, and also from academic perspective.

Below, we leave you with links to some of the speeches of the invited speakers, as well as their presentations.

Session 1: Best Practices in e-evidence handling in EIO implementation

Session 2: Best Practices in EIO requests preparation: need assessment and proportionality of the requested data & ethical issues

Session 3: New horizons for cross border gathering of e-evidence: legal and techincal insights

Final Round table and conclusions :


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