What is esCERT?

At the early 90s an initiative suddenly appears in Europe which purpose is to create new Computer Security Incidents Responsive Teams (CSIRT). With the support provided by TERENA technical program new European CSIRTs are being created, and is in this context when, in 1994, esCERT-UPC (Equipo de Seguridad para la Coordinación de Emergencias en Redes Telemáticas) is created as the first Spanish center intended to assess, prevent and resolve security incidents in IT environments. In June 2013 esCERT-UPC joins inLab-FIB as part of the Security and IT infrastructures specialized area, providing all its knowledge and experience in Computer Security.

esCERT-UPC provides help and assessment in computer security issues and computer network management. The main objectives of the organization are:

  • Inform about security vulnerabilities and threats
  • Divulge and make accessible information related to preventing and resolving computer security incidents
  • Investigate computer security incidents
  • Educate the community about security

This way esCERT-UPC pretends to increase computer systems security and increase the trust level in computer networks of enterprises and users. You can collaborate with us:

  • Recommending our services
  • Reporting incidents
  • Forming CSIRTs
  • Hiring our services
  • Collaborating in the divulgation of computer security
  • Sponsoring Incidents Coordination

At the international level, esCERT-UPC is part of the FIRST, main coordination forum for worldwide CSIRTs, as with TERENA, at European level. It is also a member of TF-CSIRT (Task Force-Collaboration of Incident Response Teams) and it has the LEVEL2, along with other security teams like Telia or British Telecom.

In the national area esCERT-UPC is part of CSIRT-ES, a collaboration group of Spanish CSIRTs. Along the same lines, it takes part in the Forum ABUSES, a collaboration group between the teams that manage abuse incidents of Spanish service providers.

esCERT-UPC also collaborated with national entities like the "Institut d'Estudis de Seguretat" (IES), an organization devoted to spreading and stimulating the social problems under the computer security concept, from an interdisciplinary perspective.


esCERT-UPC also took part on the initiative "I secure Internet", in collaboration with INCIBE (the old INTECO) and other groups dedicated to computer security, with the purpose of incentivize a safe browsing experience for everybody.

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